Castle Hill native with a unique sense of style, Francheyez (pronounced Franchise) is proclaimed by many to be the next big thing to hit the rap scene. Descendant of Puerto Rican heritage, Francheyez has always been creative and ambitious as well as working towards sharing his talents with the world. After finishing high school, Francheyez chose the path which took him to Five Towns College, where his knack for DJ-ing turned into an interest in the production side of things. Francheyez began studying engineering; after graduating Francheyez weighed his options and took some time to seek out his true passion in music, finally realizing that his true love was for being an MC aka Mic Controller. Soon thereafter he went to task getting as many ears for his craft as he could After creating a buzz, Francheyez was able to secure an abundance of features as well as spots on mixtapes in addition to dropping albums of his own. Under the management of Irving Rose (Da Da Doe Entertainment, LLC.) Francheyez has begun to take his career to new heights. Currently Francheyez is working diligently  with the likes of Grind Mode Cypher, Bullpen Cyphers TeamBeackpack and others while putting out the second volume to his trilogy of mixtapes called "Federal Reserve Notes" vol. 2 due out June 1st. This summer Francheyez will be engaging in a busy spot date and showcase schedule along with providing merchandise to promote so make sure to stay up to date by logging on to his website. Now for your listening and viewing pleasures you can find Francheyez music and footage readily available via the following outlets:
Twitter : Franch33zeworld
IG: ferrarifrancheyez
Upon listening there will be no doubt in your mind that Francheyez is a rising star, and a voice that needs to be heard for the future #Yaoww